Top 5 Challenges to Digital Transformation & Overcoming Them

Five Challenges to Digital Transformation

1. Restrictions of Budget

2. Limited Understanding of Digital Culture

3. Ineffective Communication

4. No Proper Vision (Importance of Customer Journey)

5. Change in Company Culture

Five Steps for Forming a Digital Transformation Strategy

1. Know the Vision

2. Keep the Leaders Informed

3. What is your Culture?

4. Acquire Talent & Resources

5. Selecting Right Technology

  • Which technology streamlines your strategy properly?
  • Is it worth the investment?
  • Will it be able to fill the strategy gap?

Final Verdict



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Piotr Jurowiec

Piotr Jurowiec

Business adviser and senior manager fascinated by how new technologies, like blockchain and AI, revolutionize the economy and create new business models.